All the best to you in this holiday season & in the New Year!!

AHS Class of 1969 Holiday Get Together
Tuesday, Dec. 11th,  
7:30 pm
(always the 2nd Tuesday in December)

 Jim Riffle’s Kork & Kettle Restaurant
Class members share holiday cheer in Ashtabula
Nancy Airaksinen Brail, Dennis Crislip, Fred Dubach, Siegfried Horn, Deb Preciano LaPierre, Jerry Maunus, Jim Riffle, Bob Shear, & Dave Chapman 


Scroll down to see the other AHS Class of 1969 Holiday crowd in Maryland

The handsome Bob Shear

The beautiful Debbie Preciano LaPierre

The omnipresent Linette Lowe Chaney

The charming Jerry Maunus

The surprising Dave Chapman -

husband of Cheryl Colucci

The ageless Siegfried Horn

The suave Dennis Crislip

The culinary Jim Riffle

The glamorous Nancy Airaksinen Brail

  Please let us know if class members in your area got together.  And send pictures! 

  ~:.~  2012   ~:.~
 AHS Class of 1969 Holiday Get Together - * The Maryland division *
Saturday, Dec. 8, 2012
at Rip's Country Inn, Bowie, MD
Left to right: Lisa Houser, John Houser, Linda Dalton, Dave Cheney, Linette Lowe Chaney, Mary Ellsworth

Ok - what is it about my SALAD guys?

Left to right: Bill Brown (Mary's husband), Mary Ellsworth, John & Lisa Houser, Linda Dalton,  Linette Lowe Chaney

Did you happen to notice anything about these two sets of photos - Ashtabula, OH and Bowie, MD?   YES - That is Linette Lowe Chaney in both places! 
She's everywhere she's everywhere!

 ~:.~  Does this one count?  Of course!   On Nov 20th Bob McCartney and Mary Ellsworth met up for a pint in Jupiter's,  Berkeley, CA.  Mary and her husband Bill were visiting their daughter in San Francisco, and Bob drove over from his home in Sacremento.  A fine kick-off of the holiday season!   ~:.~

Mary, Bob and Mary's husband, Bill Brown

Wishing the AHS Class of 1969 Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!