Ginny, Jerry and Dennis -
a toast to the AHS Class of 1969!
~:.~ ~.:~      15th Annual       ~:.~ ~.:~

Ashtabula High School Class of 1969

2015 Holiday Party
At Martini's Restaurant and Lounge
(old Ashtabula Country Club)
Ashtabula, Ohio

~.:~   Tuesday, December 8, 2015    ~.:~

Photos by Nancy Brail

Awww - hello Mimi!

Deb and Jim LaPierre - you never change!

Tom and Vicky Partridge - lookin' good!

Mimi and Nancy - always a good time!

Jerry Maunus is on Top of the World

Dennis Crislip, ever enigmatic

Arrived late - here's last year's photo!

Wishing the AHS Class of 1969
Joyous Holidays, a Happy New Year
and Peace on Earth