Life begins at 60...               
  The Class of 1969 turns 60 !!
A Bahama Cruise with Classmates             
June 17-20, 2011

Classmates from Harbor,  Ashtabula, St. Johns, Jefferson, Geneva and Edgewood celebrated our 60th birthdays  together on board the Norwegian Cruise Lines ship "Sky", sailing from Miami to Nassau.  Graduates from the Class of 1969 (and spouses) sailed to blue waters; 20 people altogether.

Back row:  John Gustafson (HHS),  Allen Plautz (HHS),  Judy Mitchell,  Linda Dalton (AHS), Nancy Airaksinen Brail (AHS), Doug Blanchard (AHS),  Deb Preciano LaPierre (AHS) , Linette Lowe Chaney (AHS)
Front row:  Gary Taft (HHS),  Susan Plautz,  MaryVetrano Pelich (HHS), Mary Ellsworth (AHS)
Missing from picture:  Bonnie Simonds (AHS), Carol Walsulko Landphair (GHS), Mary Gustafson, Ken (EHS) & Christine Rodebaugh (StJHS),  Jim Pelich (JHS), Gail Ohlson, Mina Blanchard.

The ship debarks from Miami, following 3 other
cruiseliners out of the harbor.

Important things first - lunch. 
Left to right:  Judy, Linette, Nancy, and Debbie

Linette, Dalton, Gary and Mary

Doug, Gail and Gary

Dalton and Linette reliving life guarding
days at Pymatuning!

Dalton, Linette and Bonnie... going down,
deck 12 to deck 5

Seen from a catamaran sailboat, the ship Sky (middle) is
dwarfed by two other cruise ships!

Linette, Nancy, Debbie and Dalton (her back to us)
hang out on deck 12

Mary and Linette taking in the scene on deck 12

What's this?  A little something extra from the
ladys' powder rm on deck 10?

Tina, Al and Ken on deck 12

Mary and Jim Pelich chat with Mary E.

Saturday night White Hot party on deck 12! 
Debbie, Carol, Linette, Doug

Bright lights in a vast dark ocean; a bright moon just over Debbie's head.
Beyond Deb:  Carol, Doug, Linette, Dalton, Nancy

Ken and Tina Rodebaugh

Nancy and Linette

Looking back northeast at the famous Atlantis resort on
Paradise Island as the ship Sky leaves Nassau harbor

The ship pulls away from Prince George warf,
and the harbor at Nassau

5:30 am, the Sky nears the port of Miami before dawn.

Bonnie and Dalton enjoy coffee in the fresh early
morning air as the Sky pulls into Miami

And it was!