Bob McCartney and Mark Calaway
A fun evening was had by all at the 17th annual Class of '69 holiday party!  There were 11 attending, plus phone calls with Chris Hearn and Jerry Maunus.  

Tom and Vickie Partridge
~:.~ ~.:~      17th Annual       ~:.~ ~.:~

Ashtabula High School Class of 1969

2017 Holiday Party
At Martini's Restaurant and Lounge
(old Ashtabula Country Club)
Ashtabula, Ohio

~.:~   Tuesday, December 12, 2017   ~.:~

Photos by Nancy Brail

Deb (Preciano) and Jim LaPierre

Charlie Holmes and Dennis Crislip

Bob Shear! 

Dave Chapman (Cheryl Colucci's husband)


Wishing the AHS Class of 1969

Joyous Holidays, a Happy New Year
and Peace on Earth