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The 50th Reunion will be the weekend of Aug. 16th, 17th & 18th, 2019

A note to our class, from our class:

So, we’re having this 50th Reunion and we want you to be an important part of the celebrations. It’s a one-time thing (50) and likely the best opportunity to reunite, reaffirm and remember. We came from a near perfect time, in a near perfect place. Each of us made our way in the world, experienced joy and sadness, and now can reflect on lives created by our efforts. What better way to reflect than with your friends and classmates? We need to hear your story. We want to hear your song. We will be less without you. The Class of 1969 wants you to join us at this 50th reunion of a place and time we all shared together.              ~ Chris Hearn,  AHS '69

Reunion Activities
Friday night  7-10pm - A mixer  at Tom Simon's law office lobby,
(the former Marine Bank on the corner of Bridge St. & Hulbert Ave.)

Saturday evening 6 to 10:30pm - The main event - Reunion Dinner
Elks Lodge on Lake Rd

Sunday morning 11am to 2pm - Reunion Wrapup Potluck Cookout at Kister Marina pavilion  (See Map)

REGISTER For the Reunion
Download and print the registration form.  Please send in your form as soon as
 possible. Registration forms
are due before Aug 1, 2019

Meetups with your classmates?

Several fun activities over the weekend have been suggested... a wine tour, golfing, a hike in the golf.
    Please Sign Up Here asap - you are also welcomed make suggestions if you have another idea for an activity. 

Send Your 60's Pictures
Do you have photographs from our high school years?   We'd like to collect your best shots (or most rememberable) to share on Saturday night.  Scan them and send them as attachments in an email.   Send your pictures to MarySEllsworth@gmail.com. Please identify who's in the photo, and it’s location.  If there are depictions of unusual circumstances please include an explanation.

A class reunion picture
Good news -  we found a photographer who will to take a class picture on Saturday night, accept orders from all who want a copy, and mail out photos. She'll also do individual or group pictures on request. 

Who is coming to the reunion?
Click here to see who said they were planning to come during pre-registration

Class memorabilia
Be sure to look around for things to share.  Dig through your stash to find your old yellow beanie, or letter jacket, or AHS pennant, t-shirts, or anything else that would be fun to bring back memories from our high school years.  There will be an area to put your memorabilia.     Bring what you have to the Saturday evening dinner.

Where should I stay in Ashtabula?

We strongly recommend you find accomodations early.
 Here are some suggestions for accommodations near Ashtabula

Reunion Planners
Who's making it happen?

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Watch this page and our FaceBook page for updates and ways you can help!

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"50 Classmates for 50 Years!" "50 Classmates for 50 Years!" "50 Classmates for 50 Years!"