AHS Class of 1969
~:.~ ~:.~      Holiday get together   ~:.~ ~:.~
Tuesday, December 12, 2006
in Ashtabula &  in Maryland
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~:.~ @ James Riffle's Kork 'n Kettle
4618 Main Avenue, Ashtabula
Organized by your class Reunion Committee
 Thank you to Bob Shear for great photos!

Shirley Barchanwicz Stowe and Donna Lewis Mundi

Doug Harper (right) , Nancy Airaksinen Brail

Ginnie Persinger Darrah and Bob Shear

Mimi and Ginnie

Jerry Maunus and Bob Shear

Mimi Cress Eames

Jim Von Tesmar

Jim Riffle

Doug Blanchard

Nancy Airaksinen Brail


  ~:.~  At the same time at in Maryland...
@ Annapolis Seafood Market

2111 S. Crain Hwy.  Rte. 301, Waldorf, Maryland

Lisa and John Houser

Mary Ellsworth and Bill Brown

Phone calls to Ashtabula gathering ...

Mary talks with Bob Shear

John chats with Tom Partridge

Mary says hello to Deb Presciano LaPierre

~:.~    ~:.~

Why not have your own regional holiday gathering! 
Check out the class list to find people near you. 
Get in touch with local classmates and suggest a central location to meet.  
Watch the class page for the December date or set your own date. 
Let us know if you get together.